Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plax wants to play with Eagles, but no thanks

CBS Sports is reporting, via Howard Eskin, that Plaxico Burress "badly" wants to play for the Eagles next season.

Of course, it's always exciting when a player wants to join the hometown team, so at first I was excited.

Then I remembered that Burress isn't a linebacker. Or a safety. Or a defensive coordinator. And this is just a guess, but they probably won't put him in charge of clock management, either.

No, Burress is just a 34-year old receiver who caught 45 balls last season, cracking 60 yards in a game just three times.

He's not better than Maclin or Avant, and he's probably not even better than Riley Cooper, who had 240 yards receiving in his three starts last year. And he's significantly older than all three.

So color me skeptical, but I'll take a big fat pass on Burress this offseason. That money would be better spent resigning DeSean Jackson, or filling any other of the myriad holes on the Eagles' roster.

Or maybe--just maybe--on bringing Peyton Manning into the fold.


  1. Do it Eagles! What better way to excite the fans then to have the best ex-con QB-WR combo in NFL history? But really, don't do it. And don't bring back DeSean either

  2. I'll write a post on this once the decision is made, but why not bring back DeSean? For the right money, of course.

    He was very obviously affected by his contract situation last year, but we know he's better than that. He drops too many balls, but he also singlehandedly swings games with big plays. Where else is that money going? They'll never spend it on a linebacker or safety or anything we actually need. They'll end up either not spending it at all, or spending it feeding Andy Reid's embarrassing bacon cheeseburger addiction.

  3. I will address DeSean in a post shortly