Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bud Light Platinum

Since seeing this "beer" advertised during the Super Bowl, I have been very torn on it's merits.  When I think light beer, I always want to gag.  Usually, this is due to a combination of terrible flavor, the fact that only pussies (both literally and figuratively) drink light beer, and the fact that the beer will undoubtedly have a low alcohol content.  Further, any beer by a "big 3" (Bud, Miller, Coors) beer company I will automatically write off and hope to never have to drink.  However, this particular off-brand of Bud immediately seized my interest.  First off, I believe it was the very 1st commercial of the game, and what a stinker it was.  Instead of their usual humor, they featured the beer bottle like it was some sort sports car, piece of jewelry, or high quality liquor - shadowing it in darkness before showing it in all it's glory.  No humor.  No hot girls.  Not the Bud commercials we have all grown to love.  Disappointing.  So what, do you ask, made this commercial memorable?  THIS IS A 6% LIGHT BEER!  Is Bud trying to get every lightweight high school and sorority girl drunk enough to sleep with the few men they have as of yet refused to sleep with before?  Are they trying to make all of our tailgates just a little more violent and unpredictable?  I can already see the controversy brewing after a couple kids shotgun just one too many and die of alcohol poisoning.  Of course in reality they are merely trying to sell more beer, and I don't question this product will be successful.  I also don't question that fact that it will be the nastiest "Big 3" product to hit the market since Beast.  Will I jump off the deep end and try this beer?  If it's the cheapest thing at the bar and I'm trying to get drunk..... eh, maybe.

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