Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Eagles, Why?

$50 million to DeSean.  Last year's hold-out, temper-tantrum, and lack of effort should have shown that this guy is a great talent but a poor character player.  Sure, you can make the argument that now that he got paid he'll be happy.  But the sheer lack of effort he displayed last year is inexcusable.  I no longer want him on my team.


  1. Why did Desean Jackson get a 5 year 51 million dollar contract? Well gather round and I shall tell you.

    Pierre Garcon got a five-year, $42.5 million contract with $21.5 million in guaranteed money

    Jackson, got a five year deal worth $55,555,555 contract guaranteeing $26 million

    Robert Meachem, got a four-year deal with $14 million in guaranteed money

    Chicago traded two third round picks for Brandon "lights out" Marshall.

    And then of course Megatron getting 7 year 132 million dollar deal with 60 mill in guarantees.

    So ask yourself in comparison isn't Desean Jackson potentially the second best one on this list and making the most reasonable amount of money? So the moral of the story is that while he might be an objectionable player, this is a great contract and I'm excited to see how he does with a strong monetary commitment from his employers. And if he sucks we can boo the hell out of him.

  2. You know what I thought when I read that comment? If DeSean plays like an elite player, he's going to want Calvin Johnson money and hold out again.

  3. That's a totally bullshit, unfair assumption to make. You consistently way overstress DeSean's "character issues." Is there a single person in the NFL, media, or fan base who DIDN'T think Jackson was grossly underpaid last year? He didn't handle it well, but before last season, there was never any question about his effort or any hint that he was a negative influence in the locker room. You make the guy sound like Terrell Owens. He's never complained about his role on the team, how often he gets thrown to, or anything else. He's never thrown anyone under the bus. I see absolutely no reason to think he won't be a happy, motivated, productive player this year, and even less of a reason to think he'll hold out again now that he's being fairly compensated.

    That leaves aside the fact that, like Aaron, I think the Eagles paid exactly the right amount for a player of his caliber. And, like with Vick, the Eagles can cut him after two seasons with basically no repercussions. You're letting your vendetta against Jackson color your vision on this one.

  4. It's not like these character issues came out of nowhere. He has been dogged by his bad character reputation since college. Nor would Andy suspend and bench a guy that had been a class act. I think it is a perfectly fair assumption for me to make. Yes, Jackson was grossly underpaid last year, and he should have handled it with class and effort, knowing that he had a big payday coming. Instead he acted like a complete idiot. He held-out of training camp, violated team rules, and showed a complete lack of effort on the field. From a strict financial numbers standpoint, I think the Eagles did well. Character issues aside Jackson is a great player who is capable of making electric players. He is also a walking injury waiting to happen, and I fully expect that if his character doesn't hold him back, a major injury will. But I've digressed. I didn't want Jackson on the team under the franchise tag, so the fact that the Eagles got a "good deal" does not all of a sudden make me glad he is still around.