Friday, March 16, 2012

I think somebody owes him an apology......

Well, the streak ended last night.  Bryz had another fantastic game, and was 8 minutes away from his 5th shut-out in six games.  Not even Patrick Roy could have stopped the two goals that went in last night.  What Bryz's streak and overall dominant play of late has shown is that he is more than capable of being a quality goal-tender.  Clearly Bryz is a bit of a headcase, but it seems  he may have finally figured things out.  Granted it took far too long, but this career change was unprecedented for Bryz.  Sure, it may just be a hot streak, but for a goalie who has looked so bad all season to all of a sudden look THIS good, combined with his track record of past success, indicates that this very well may be a lot closer to the real Bryz then the one that has donned the pads all season.  All during this streak Mike Haas, Bryz's #1 detractor in Philadelphia has stayed silent.  Mike, it's time you at least acknowledged that Bryz does not need to be kidnapped or cut and  apologize.


  1. Why? Haas doesn't owe him shit. It's his job to stop the puck. It took three months for him to do that. If anything Bryz should apologize to us for not being half as good all season.

  2. Because Haas was not merely saying he stinks but saying the entire 9 year contract would basically keep the Flyers from ever being successful and was calling for Bryz's exile.