Friday, March 9, 2012

My Time With The Phillies (Part 3)

“Hey Pap’s wait up.” I called out as I left the locker room.
“What it do bro?”
“Yea I just saw your comments on Boston fans vs. Philly fans and gotta say couldn’t agree more.”
“Just speaking the truth Sherlock Brolmes.  Just gotta be me, JP.”

“Uh, did you just refer to yourself as JP?  Whatever anyway your first point is well made, but you’re rational was totally off base.  No pun intended.”
“What are talking about Bronominal?
“Well you said that the people of Boston were much bigger zealots of the game rather than Phillies fans.  And while we are more aware of our team rather than a mindless yelling mass that blows on the whims of a series against the Yankees.   Phillies fans are every bit as fanatical about their team.  And because you haven’t played a home game at CBP doesn’t give you the right to start making accusations about your new fans.”
“Explain yourself Bromosabe?”
“You’re quoted as saying "It's a religion [in Boston]. It's a way of life," [Fans] come to the field and they expect certain things out of players. ... It's an environment where you put up or shut up”  If you don’t think that’s what you’re going to get in Philadelphia then I want my money back.”
“Oh man, I was just saying that to get the fans pumped up bro, you know me man, I don’t mean 1/3 of what I say Brono, that’s bro and Bono fused into the ultimate bro.”
“Sure shut up and listen.  In Philadelphia you’re going to need to act a certain way.  You’re expected to go out, pitch one inning for an exorbitant about of money and work hard and keep your head down.   If you can do that you’ll be loved.  And trust me when I tell you there will be as much pressure to win as in Boston.  But please next time you want to win over the fans don’t start saying ignorant shit or I swear you will be eatin alive."

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