Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eagles drinking game:

This is the worst season in Eagles history since the Ray Rhodes era.  But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy this season.  I present to you my new rules for an Eagles Drinking Game.  This is far from a completed list as our incompetence seemingly knows no bounds; so I'm asking you-- my idiots-- to come up with more suggestions so we can make this horrid season at least tolerable.

Here are my rules:

Talk about Andy Reid being fired at the end of the season—2 drinks

Shot of Mike Vick looking like he’s going to murder a puppy—2 drinks

Sack of Nick Foles—1 drink

Talk about Jason Babin, Jim Washburn, say ‘wide 9’—3 drinks

Anyone actually get a sack—5 drinks

Running play—4 drinks

Screen pass on 3rd and long—3 drinks

Shot of Andy Reid looking off into the distant—1 drink

Shot of Andy Reid looking at his giant menu—1 drink

Botch a 2 minute drill—3 drinks

Bryce Bowen fumbles—3 drinks

Kurt Coleman misses a tackle—2 drinks

Kurt Coleman makes a tackle—3 drinks

Nnamdi Asomugha is mentioned for making a good play—3 drinks

DRC is mentioned for making a good play—trick question he doesn't make any (ZING) (fine 8 drinks)

Damaris Johnson averages more than 3 yards a punt return—5 drinks

Brandon Boykin averages more than 22 yards a kick return—5 drinks

Jeremy Maclin drops a pass—2 drinks

Commentator talks about getting a better draft pick—2 drinks

Commentator talks about how much the players love Andy Reid—2 drinks

Commentator talks about how much the players look like they've given up on Andy Reid—2 drinks

Commentator talks about how over matched Demetress Bell/King Dunlap is—3 drinks

Commentator talks about how great Eagles fans have had it under Jeffery Lurie/Andy Reid—4 drinks

Eagles player flips off fans—6 dreams

Eagles have lead—3 drinks

Eagles have lead in 4th quarter—3 drinks

Eagles blow 4th quarter lead—2 drinks

Eagles lose—haha who didn’t see that coming, finish your beer

Eagles win—haha no shit, really, are you serious, uh… I guess finish your beer

I hope this helps your Sunday’s—even though I know it won’t.  Please contribute to this list

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